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The name of the association shall be the Virginia Association of Trade and Industrial Educators.


The purpose of the Virginia Association of Trade and Industrial Educators (VATIE) shall be to promote the highest standard of professionalism among its members, bridging the gap between trade and industrial education with business and industry.  It shall provide to the membership training, educational opportunities, and professional updates to create within the Trade and Industrial education system of the Commonwealth of Virginia, a level of career training of the highest standards.  VATIE will also further the goals of promoting quality Trade and Industrial Education by maintaining affiliations with other professional Career and Technical Associations, such as The Virginia Association of Career and Technical Education (VACTE), The Association of Career and Technical Education (ACTE), and with SkillsUSA.

VATIE is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to associations that qualify as exempt associations under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.


Section 1.        Any person engaged in the teaching or administration of Trade and Industrial Education, or any person interested in the promotion of Trade and Industrial Education in Virginia shall be eligible for membership upon payment of dues.

Section 2.        Any member of the Association shall be entitled to freedom of discussion and has the right to vote in regular and called business meetings.


Section 1.        The elective officers of the Association shall be a President, a President –elect, a

Secretary, and a Treasurer.  The elective officers shall serve as the Executive Council for the purposes of planning meetings and conferences.  Any member of the Association is eligible to hold office. The term of office for each officer shall be two years, conference to conference, with the exception of the Treasurer’s position. The newly elected Treasurer will assume the office in January, following the annual conference, but will work closely with the current treasurer until assuming office.

Section 2.        The VATIE Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Council, the Past President, the Financial Officer, and the Conference Manager.

Section 3.        Officer elections shall be conducted at the annual meeting. The terms shall be staggered in that the President-Elect and the Secretary will be elected in even number years and the Treasurer will be elected in odd number of years.

Section 4.        A representative from the Virginia Department of Education and the SkillsUSA Virginia State Specialist shall serve as ex officio members. An ex officio advisor may also be appointed by the President with Board Approval.


Section 1.        A general meeting will be held annually in conjunction with the Trade and Industrial Education Teacher’s Conference.

·         All members in good standing are eligible to attend and participate in the annual general meeting members in good standing are current with dues

·         The purpose of the annual general meeting will be to act on all business

·         All meetings of the Association shall be conducted according to parliamentary procedure as set forth in Roberts Rules of Order Revised Edition

Section 2.        A quorum shall consist of any number in excess of 50% of members present at any meeting


Section 1.        For the purpose of continuity, the President shall, with the approval of the

Executive Council, appoint a Financial Officer to assist the Treasurer with managing all VATIE accounts.  The Financial Officer shall remain in the office as long as is mutually agreeable between said officer and the VATIE Executive Council.  The President, with approval of the Executive council, shall appoint a Conference manager.  The Conference Manager shall remain in the office as long as is mutually agreeable between said officer and the VATIE Executive Council. 

Section 2.        The annual membership dues shall be paid to the Organization, in care of the Treasurer. The amount of the membership dues shall be established by the Executive Council, with ratification by a majority of the general membership present at the annual meeting.

Section 3.        The Audit Committee shall consist of the Past-President, the Financial Officer, the Treasurer, and one representative appointed by the President.  The committee shall audit all accounts and report their findings at the annual meeting.

Section 4.        The fiscal year shall be the calendar year.

Section 5.        Two members from the Board of Directors will sign all disbursements by check.  These members will be the Treasurer and any other member of the Board of Director.


In the event of the dissolution of the Virginia Association of Trade and Industrial Educators, all assets, including cash and other holdings, will become the property of the Virginia Association of SkillsUSA or its successor association, only in the event that said association complies with the provisions of 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. If said association(s) become inactive, refuse receipt of VATIE assets, or do not comply with 501(c) (3) provisions, all remaining assets will be distributed to other associations specifically for 501(c) (3) purposes.


To amend this Constitution, it shall be necessary to present the proposed amendment in writing to the Board of Directors by their annual spring meeting.  At the annual general meeting, the Association will adopt or reject any such proposed amendment by a majority vote of the members present.




Section 1.        The duties of the President:

·         To preside at the meetings of the Board of Directors and the general sessions of the Association

·         To call special meetings of the Board of Directors

·         To have general direction of the activities of the Board of Directors

·         Is responsible for executing all conference contracts in conjunction with Board approval.

§  Perform such duties as usually pertain to the office of President

·         To serve as official representative of this Association

·         Appoint a Financial Officer whenever a vacancy occurs with Board approval.

·         Appoint a Conference Manager whenever a vacancy occurs with Board approval.

·         To have the authority to appoint such committees as may be required for the performance of duties not otherwise provided for in this Constitution and Bylaws

·         To adhere to the guiding principles defined by “Roberts Rules of Order”

Section 2.        The duties of the Past-President shall be:

·         Assist the President in all duties as required by the Association and the President

·         To fulfill the duties of the President in the absence of the President

Section 3.        The duties of the President-Elect shall be to chair committees associated with furthering the goals and purposes of the Association and any other duties as designated by the board of directors.

Section 4.        The duties of the Secretary shall be:

·         To keep an accurate record of all proceedings of the general sessions of the Association, and all of the meetings of the Board of Directors

·         To report to the Association the actions taken in the meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors

·         To maintain a file of the minutes of all official meetings and of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association

·         To carry on correspondence for the Association under the direction of the President

·         To maintain a list of paid members with years of service and area of instruction

·         To issue membership cards to dues paid members

·         Upon completion of term, the Secretary shall surrender all files to the Association

Section 5.        The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

·         To prepare and deliver the annual financial Report at the General Meeting

·         To present financial reports at the Board of Directors meetings

·         To post on the Website an accurate financial report quarterly

·         To prepare a list of dues paid membership each year for the Secretary

·         To keep an accurate account of the receipts and disbursements for each fiscal year

·         To receive and disperse funds as required to meet the needs of the association

·         To make disbursements from the funds of the Association upon the direction of the President or the Executive Board.

·         In conjunction with the Financial officer prepare an operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year at the Fall Board Meeting

·         Handle all administrative duties with the IRS, SCC, or other governmental agencies

·         Serve as the Registered Agent with Virginia’s State Corporation Commission for the Association

·         Submit financial records to the audit committee every year by January 31

Section 6.        The duties of the Financial Officer shall be:

·         Chair the audit committee

·         Audit the treasurer quarterly

·         Assist the treasurer with the annual financial report

·         In conjunction with the Treasurer, prepare an operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year at the Fall Board Meeting

Section 7.        The Duties of the Conference Manager shall be:

·         Negotiate and obtain written proposals from hotels in conference area concerning meals, housing, and meeting spaces as directed by the Board

·         Report all negotiation results to the Board prior to the Fall Board meeting

·         Facilitate pre and post conference Board meetings with the hotel

·         Review billing with hotel management and submit a complete copy of the conference bill to the Board for approval and then payment by the treasurer

·         Coordinate conference site matters as required

Section 8.        The Board of Directors shall have the power and it shall be its duty to:

·         Adopt its own rules and procedures as guided by “Roberts Rules of Order” and have the privilege of recommending the time and place of its meetings

·         Act upon reports of officers and committees to determine the policies and scope of work of the Association

·         Transact such other business as the interest of the Association may require

·         Refer to the Association business upon which the general membership needs to vote

·         Appoint officers to fill vacancies until the next annual meeting at which time said vacancies will be filled by election


Section 1         The standing committees of the Association shall be:

·         Program

·         Audit

·         Resolution

·         Public relations

·         Election

Section 2.        The membership of these committees shall, unless otherwise provided,

·         Consist of three to five members of the Association appointed by the President

Section 3.        A majority of the membership of any committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of the committee.

Section 4.        The Nominating Committee shall submit a slate of names consisting of

·         A minimum of two nominees for each elective office

·         Such committee shall be appointed at least 90 days prior to the annual meeting


Section 1.        The Secretary shall keep a complete and accurate record of all members of the Association based on the reports of the Treasurer

Section 2.        The term of membership shall be one year and shall run from August 1        through July 31 of the following year




This Constitution and Bylaws shall go into effect immediately upon its adoption by the Association.
































Ratified August 5, 2011

Ratified August 1, 2014

Last Ratified July 31, 2015