Virginia Association of Trade and Industrial Educators

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VATIE Professional Development Stipend

Thank you for your interest in a VATIE Professional Development Stipend. This Stipend is offered to the first eight qualified applicants to encourage Trade and Industrial teachers to continue professional development training that improves instruction in their classroom, school, or with the business and VATIE community. Eight $500 stipends may be considered for each calendar year (January 1 - December 31).

Applicantions are reviewed and evaluated for completeness. Strengths of each applicant, with emphasis on professional development that promotes best practices in teaching and learning and the integration of 21st Century Skills, will be considered. The top ranking applicants may be interviewed by phone, and the winners will be publicly announced at the annual VATIE Summer Conference. Announcement of the winners will be posted on the VATIE website and the recipient(s) will receive personal notification as well. Upon verification of paid registration in the professional development opportunity, a check will be sent to the recipient.

It is the applicant's responsibility to see that all parts of the package are completed. All forms needed are in one package. All documentation is to be completed by the applicant. All applications must be submitted a minimum of three weeks prior to the professional development opportunity. Forms are on Google Forms and may be completed online and submitted. An electronic signature will be used in place of an actual signature.

Please type all information carefully. Applications will be submitted to the VATIE Board for review.

Qualifications for applicants are as follows:

  •  Must be either a teacher or administrator of Trade and Industrial Courses only

  •  Immediate past three years verified membership in VATIE with membership in good standing

  •  Completed application form

  •  Verification of School Support (Copy of Approved Professional Leave Form)

  •  Copy of paid registration

  •  Successful applicants must provide a written reflection describing the benefits learned from the professional development opportunity to the Board of Directors.

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